Pink Floyd

Letra de Don't Leave Me Now

Letras de Pink Floyd

"Don't Leave Me Now"

Ooooh, babe
 Don't leave me now.
 Don't say it's the end of the road.
 Remember the flowers I sent.
 I need you, babe
 To put through the shredder 
 In front of my friends
 Ooooh Babe.
 Dont leave me now.
 How could you go?
 When you know how I need you 
 To beat to a pulp on a Saturday night
 Ooooh Babe.
 Don't leave me now
 How can you treat me this way
 Running away
 oooh Babe
 Why are you running away.
 Ooooooooh, babe
 Ooooooooh, babe
 Ooooooooh, babe
 Ooooooooh . . .
 [mixed voices]