Cliff Richard

Letra de I'll Love You Forever Today

Letras de Cliff Richard

"I'll Love You Forever Today"

Love is being friends, she says
Going on and on she says
True love never ends, she says
I don't believe a word
She says, I don't believe a word

Love is now for me, I say
True love needn't come to stay
It can come and slip away
Believe me when I say
That love is strictly for today

Love is many things to many people
I just know what it means to me
Love is tie me down to many people
For me, if its right, then its got to be free

I can't look ahead to say
Tomorrow Ill still feel this way
Who knows what games we both might play?
But this I'm gonna say Ill love you forever Today

On and on today, Never ending today
I'll love you forever today