Cliff Richard

Letra de Christmas Never Comes

Letras de Cliff Richard

"Christmas Never Comes"

Talk about the heart of Christmas,
Talk about the reason and the rhyme.
Talk about the sentimental feelings,
Talk about the candlelight and wine,
Talk about the children.

Listen to the voices singing.
Listen to the laughter as they play
But listen to the whisper of a heartbeat
Whose loneliness is never far away.

In some hearts it's never Christmas,
But it's winter all the time.
All our lives spent waiting for the sun,
Children of tomorrow,
How they need a star to follow.
In some hearts it's always winter,
For some hearts it seems,
That Christmas never comes.

Don't forget the winter's children,
Shadows on a star that never shines.
Looking for the love that never happened
Looking for the Chris in Christmas time.
The lonely voice,
That can't rejoice,
That has no choice.

[Chorus 2x]