Cliff Richard

Letra de Thousand Miles To Go

Letras de Cliff Richard

"Thousand Miles To Go"

Well there's no time like the present
To get you through your past
I'm nowhere near the future
But I'm gonna get there fast
I'm moving on
I'm moving on

Well I'm just passed albuquerque
But somehow you're still near
I guess the objects in my mirror
Are closer than they appear
I'm moving on
I'm moving on

And I'll know it when I get there
But I don't think I'm getting close
There's a place without your memory
Somewhere down the road
I've cried a thousand miles of tears
I've got a thousand miles to go

They say life is like a highway
And sometimes the road gets rough
Girl you're like a twister
And I can't drive fast enough
But I'll keep on
Until you're gone

When I hit the water
And there's no place next to go
I'll take a left in this old vette
And head towards Mexico
And you'll be gone
But not for long