Cliff Richard

Letra de My luck won't change

Letras de Cliff Richard

"My luck won't change"

The cances you gave me,
A definite maybe,
But luck she's a lady,stayed
She played for me.

There's gold in the mountain,
Good fortune for countin',
Three coins in the fountain,
And my luck won't change,
Take dust from the coalmine,
Make dust from the goldmine,
King Midas you're sidelined,
And my luck won't change no my luck remains.

No point in shouting,
Whoever there was doudting,
I'm at the top of the mountain,
And my luck won't change.
The stock market read it,
The rumours they spread it,
And I meant it when I said it,
That my luck won't change,
No my luck remains.

That old lover lost me,
She spent and she cost me,
My new love has taught me,
That my luck won't change.

(My luck won't change-my luck remains)

The offer she made me,
Was more than just maybe,
But luck who's a lady stayed,
She played for me.
Repeat 1st verse

My Temperature's rising,
No point in disguising,
The Phoenix is arising,
And my luck won't change-no it just remains.
My luck,my luck won't change.