Cliff Richard

Letra de Shooting Star

Letras de Cliff Richard

"Shooting Star"

Sometimes I feel you are cheating me
Then you kiss me and my mind is free
But then I think I should let you know that
I've got friends - so baby listen to me...
A shooting star will shoot you and Mars will go to war
The man in the moon will jump on you if you don't love me no more...
I saw you in someone else's car
You told me that - he won't go too far
That may be so but you let him know that
I've got friends, so baby listen to me...
You tell me then I'm the man for you
But you do things you should never do
So now, hear this warning once again, yes,
I've got friends, so baby listen to me...
If you don't stop making me lose face
I will have you put up there in space
So, just do what I'm a-telling you, 'cos
I've got friends, baby listen to me...