Letra de Three Mile Smile

Letras de Aerosmith

"Three Mile Smile"

Take a walk in the warm new england sun
ain't no time to look for clues
you get the point from uncle sam's loaded gun
who be the hand that light the fuse
take a look, take a look at my old billy goat
he used to raise all kinds of hell
he took a dose of radiation dope
back in the barn is where he fell, like hell
lucy, chromosome
lucy, superdome
what makes you think you patronizin' my old friends
after you ride in my car, car
what you do when your oil's mexican?
opec boys you went too far, too far
lucy, papadum
lucy, sing the song
ah, dig it up
ah, live it up
ah, dig it up
ah, live it up
look out