...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

Letra de Monsoon

Letras de ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead


Rolling thunder 
Like a voice that commands 
Rain drops fall 
Like the blood from your hands 

Pray to God 
But I doubt that he's listening 
This world is a gutter 
That he likes to piss in tonight 

Millions of people 
Quietly sleep 
Dreaming of deserts 
As the puddles grow deep 

Dark clouds of rage 
Black out the sun 
The rivers will run 
Red with their blood 

No place left dry 
No place of shelter for which to run 
People huddle in mass 
Waiting for the storm to pass 
But it's just begun 

Millions of people 
All of you people 
Dream of the sandman 
But the sandman has turned to mud 

Rain falling down 
Is this another great flood? 
The rivers are running 
Red with our blood