...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

Letra de Days Of Being Wild

Letras de ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

"Days Of Being Wild"

All sewn up 
Pull out the seams 
Take your call 
Your voice is static 
Far from my reach 
I burn the page 
Images are blurred 
Am I afraid? 

Around my throat 
You came so close 
To stopping me 
Alive in jail, alive and well 
I cannot leave 
Innocent accident 

Find my pulse 
Trapped in a locked box 
Teeth in a grind 
All night amphetamine 
Noise to the tape 
Comes like a shattered beast 
Cast a shade 
Your mouth destroys me 

Come down dawn in one piece 
Come down dawn to find some peace 
Driven to shambles on a tip 
I never said that I would quit 
And the next song takes over