...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

Letra de Another Morning Stoner

Letras de ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

"Another Morning Stoner"

Are you asleep? are you in a dream? 
the copper shades of a morning. 
distant lights beckon and fade. 
unwritten songs of another day. 
I fear that you would never be 
every song in the world for me. 
took your hand, led you astray. 
you cursed the worlds i longed to save. 
Is heaven to you a perfect place? 
the look of sorrow on a sufferer's face. 
a field of lives to sow and to reap
that some of us will never see? 
And why is it i didn't feel the same? 
are my longings to be blamed
for not seeing heaven like you would see? 
why is a song the world for me?
What is forgiveness?
it's just a dream -
what is forgiveness?
it's everything!