...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

Letra de Totally Natural

Letras de ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

"Totally Natural"

Look at his hand move! Well actually he's a white ghost Check out the shape of his hips as he goes! Well he's totally natural! Performing in a video. He's totally natural! (he's only an actor) But something's lost underneath, He's so beautiful to see, Enter the wounded animal, Refuse the medals they bestow Shake a hand, take a bow (He's on the screen...) It's so au natural (He's only an actor) They change the broken one by one Of the molten- sod illusion of a broken home It's a bottle that's warming on the shelf It's a street fight, it's a Friday night alone It's feeling just inches away from death It's a street, it's an icicle It's a panic attack, it's only an act, yeah.