...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

Letra de Mark David Chapman

Letras de ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead

"Mark David Chapman"

We pierced the side of the idol 
With the sharpened neck of an electric guitar 
Bottled the water from the wound 
Holy relic- the essence of star 
But what does she care, it's just another blank stare 
To a world that loves and hates you on a dare 
Where the orphans ask the widows the meaning of 'fair' 
So let this be a drink to quench this uncontrollable thirst 
Tie the belt a notch tighter around anxious hearts set to burst 
And when this once at least gilded cage has been 
Stripped bare of flesh cold and numb 
What have you done, Mark David Chapman? 

Let all the desperate hours of boredom 
Lead you to some meaning of truth 
Bumps and bruises and notebooks for heaven's jury as proof 
The emotions were shrink wrapped, sold as scraps 
Choose any scene from the vending machine 
Somewhere lost in the night, a satellite transmitted dream 
Industrial revolutions of the soul 
interchangeable hearts it's manufacturing 
If we wear out each other it's o.k., just go buy another 
So let this be a drink to calm the shaking hands that you've found
Let this be release, forever unwound.