Letra de Daddy's Little Girl (Feat. Slim)

Letras de Pitbull

"Daddy's Little Girl (Feat. Slim)"

This is for all the woman that has been stripped of their inocens 
 Daddy's little girl 
 No matter what they kept their head up 
 And this is my way to say thank you 
 All alone in the world 
 Confused and don't know what to think 
 She thougt that she was, she was daddy's little girl 
 Confused and don't know what to think 
 She thougt she was, she was daddy's little girl 
 To fine for herself cause she thougt she was Daddy's little girl 
 Daddys litlle girl 
 She thougt that she was 
 She was daddy's little girl 
 daddy's little girl #2 
 I was raised by woman, a woman made me a man 
 It just to bad that a man, took her inocens 
 And god knows that I, I will feel the shame 
 commit the shame end up killing him 
 Blame it on the ignorens thats were her childhood went 
 No country no langues thats how seven years was spent 
 Turns you cant deny it and someone they dont hear 
 I know that we ----, just know mum dad im here 
 ----- up here, the revelotion was great yeah 
 I wanna thank you mum for the way were yeah 
 All your life you want to only one thing 
 And that was to be 
 daddy's little girl 
 Took care of me, just like a mother 
 'Till you got pregnent, then there was all the tortyre 
 He was tough but we but we was borded 
 tougher for you cause you had no father 
 Know I understand know then im a man 
 How much a woman needs someone to call dad 
 You cut trough the pain, you walked trough the rain 
 The game aint played you, baby you played the game 
 Now you're in surch of that father figure 
 If you find him he deny he didnt fucked that 
 Come as a bitch even thoug i know she wished 
 She was daddy's little girl 
 This for all the woman who stayed strong and beat all the audience 
 The ones that have been raped or grew up father less 
 But still found a way to rais their kids to do the right thing 
 This for y'all, I love y'all