Letra de Signing off

Letras de UB40

"Signing off"

Signing off, does it surprise you
I won't need your lips anymore
Signing off, can't idolize you
My heart crossed your name off the door

Signing off, now that I've told you
That this is just where I came in
Signing off, why should I hold you
You've already said I can't win

It's strange how the rest of the world knows
The things you should see at a glance
And I want what all of the world knows
A person to person romance

Signing off, I can't pretend dear
My trip to the stars took a spill
We're all through, this is the ending
Because you only wanted a thrill, I'm signing off

I'll always remember the pleasure
Of friendship and all that it's worth
I know that it's something to treasure
From here to the ends of the earth

Signing off, happy I met you
So please make me happy again
And be sure I won't forget you
The best of everything until then, I'm signing off

Signing off