Letra de The Buzz feeling

Letras de UB40

"The Buzz feeling"

Well the man Like General Slinger 
Sa live the life you love and love the life you live 
Cause what is in my hart is design to give 
But special request is to all back stabber should be stuck in asieve 
When I and I smoke senisman give thanks and praise to the full causes whot 


The buzz feeling lord 
Well have you ever had the buzz feeling my sisthren 
Have You ever had the Buzz Feeling 
my brethren 

Have you ever had the buzz feeling you take out you rizla 
You start rolling seh three or five sheet me 
Seh what you deeling with you take piece of cigarette 
Start breaching open up you Giangi bag you start 
Sprinkling you stick out you tongue and you start fe licking 
You lean against a speaker box take you matches lighting 
Seh man have you ever had the Buzz Feeling 


When your head is spinning you knees wobbling you belly rolling 
And your eyes shutting fe you head would of blow off 
Like a car engine most people in the dance dem start laughing 
Some of them cannot explain mysterious feeling so you sit on de stair 
Gaze pon de ceiling you hand pon you belly 
You start fe rubbing a little after that you a little vomiting 
So you run down the stairs like a streak of lightening you move 
Through the crowd like you hustling you brethen 
Shout you start reasoning about thing and time and the flat 
Him move in the operatir play a tune them start bubbling 
It make it even harder fe you passing as you reach out side start 
Slow breathing you sit pon de wall and start thinking never again 
Would I get that feeling dread 


Well you head stop spinning you knees stop wobbling you belly stop roll 
Start crave fe dumpling 


You I dren shout you roll up a splif 
Me I dren temptation it is graet but 
Remember that funny feeling 


But wen me seh you shouldn`t rump with the general 
Shouldn`t rump with the general 

Me seh Don`t rump with general 
Don`t play with the general 
Don`t fool with the general 
Don`t walk with the general 
Don`t talk with the general 
Don`t eat eith the general