Letra de Demonstrate

Letras de UB40


Well Jerry at de mike come fe Demonstrate 
Yes, Jerry at de mike me come fe Demonstrate 
Me come fe show de crowd a people dat great is great 
Right ya now Mr Jerry at go set tings straight 
No MC test Jerry in a ATE 
So listen dem ya styles I man originate 
First of all me wan you know me na exaggerate 
All pirate in de dance me would a evacuate 
Is a whole leap a space I man accomodate 
An a whole leap a gal I accumulate 
Round de mile Jerry don`t need no associate 
Me chat by meself me no combinate 
Me study very hard because me want graduate 
Up de MC ladder I man Essulate 
To be a boss MC I`m a chief candidate 
True me fascinate nor irritate and me originate 
Round de classic Micro-centre dat is where me locate 
Me no select no tune an Jerry don`t operate 
Fe see me lift speaker - box you must fortunate 
Cause asdedance down me gone home me gone go hibernate 
Going home de other night me can`t remember de date 
De early hours of de morning before people a wake 
Bopsing down de road it was me worst mistake Police come draw down pon me an a investigate 
Him say "Hey son where you coming from don`t you know that it`s late 
I`ve heard about you niggers and the trouble you create" 
I said "I`m coming from a party and me going home straight 
Me just stop a de shop to buy some cigarette an chocolate" 
When me explain de situation him stop interrogate 
Turn around jump in a im panda car an say "See you mate" 
Is a good ting me never cheeky or be obstinate 
Or me could a end up visiting de damn magistrate 
De house way me live in you know it must decorate 
An de girl way me love ave to affectionate 
Nem ya linda lyrics you must penetrate 
So listen every word I man and quotate 
True me talking very clear you no need fe translate 
Cause when me riding pon de riddim me no mek no mistake 
Gasst contagious disease I man vaccinate 
An true me no wan catch a dose me no fornicate 
De lyrics way me chat dem must varinte 
Some time me chat itslow sometime me accelerate 
Dem ya kinds style you must appreciate 
Nuff gal come to me a congratulate 
Dem say "Jerry your so good looking can I have you portrait" 
I say "Yes of course my darling but you know you have to wait" 
Well dais a something I man have to state 
A trollop is a woman with a whole heap a weight 
Don`t tell her to her face cause she will aggrovate 
And if she sit down pon you you will suffocate 
At de mile is nuff excitement I Jerry create 
And you know that its not hard for me to exterminate 
Any boy way come a dance an a duplicate 
A style him get off a Saxon or a old yard tape 
I say de lyrics way me chat dem must variate 
An nuff people dem a say don`t me impertinate 
Any gal way me like we must be intimate 
But me only make love when me in private