Letra de Hot Shot

Letras de Shaggy

"Hot Shot"

They call me Mr hot shot baby can I do my thing 
Don't stop girl I like the vibe you bring 
Knock knock open up and let me in 
We can do most anything tell me do you like my swing repeat 

[Verse I]
Well tell me if you no hear 
How the reggae lover him a run things this year 
New tune fi buss and me have lyrics fi spare 
No need to fear 
Girl if you down with Mr lover put you finger inna the air 
I love you walk 
And I even like the raunchy way that you talk 
You're the kinda girl that all the fellas all a stalk 
Hound dogs a bark girl 
Come let me discombobulate your parts


[Verse II]
Well girl you better know she right ya now you is a part of the plan 
I notice pon you finger she you wear a wedding band 
No bother think say this is just a one night stand 
No think I man a look you fi a slam 
I tell you gal on top of how you look you know you have sex appeal 
You're like a priceless gem whe every man waan fi steal 

Expressing my emotions got to tell you how I feel 

So baby come and let me know the deal


[Repeat 1st verse]