Meek Mill

Letra de Realest U Ever Seen (feat NH)

Letras de Meek Mill

"Realest U Ever Seen (feat NH)"

Intro: Meek Mill]
Realest shit you ever seen
This the realest shit you ever seen

[Hook: NH] (x2)
This the realest shit you ever seen, yeah
Ride hard so clean with my seat back
Blowing money like I never even seen that
Blowing money like I never even seen that

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Yeah, I blow this money like you never seen it
Felony flow, you niggas is misdemeanors
When I was broke I used to walk I had a rich demeanor
Shawty said I make her pussy wet that bitch Katrina
Last week I blew like twenty for the hell of it
Bloodhound, I find that money just from smellin' it
Pick your drug of choice, I bet you I was selling it
Addicted to that money roll a hundred start inhaling it
I'm burning papers like I'm Wiz Khalifa
And if this rapping ever fold I still could get it cheap
You know the feeling when you burn a hundred in a week
Turn a nigga out just like the first time when he hit a freak
Eenie meenie miney moe pick a chick and dick her down
Maybach in the building money everywhere you look
We'll been on the top floor
Hater we ain't lookin' down
Lil P up in the kitchen, look at me, I'm cooking now
I'm cooking up and whippin' white the money I'm a spend it now
She said you don't hit it right so she just tryna spend the night
You smoke on the regular but we smoke on that kryptonite
My whip it got paper plate, you ain't got it in your life

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: NH]
I'm a stunt until the whole world mad at me
I'm out here killing 'em again that's something sad to see
I take my boys out to the mall they pop and tackle me
Get anything you want my niggas, eatin' what I'm glad to see
Here's where I'm glad to be, I thought I'd let you know
I'm still stuntin' hard fucking bitches, getting dough
You heard me, my pockets sitting high
I buy shit, I don't even know why
Cause I got money
I was born just to shit on niggas
Come through in Maseratis with the kid on niggas
That's light work, Lamborghini bucket seats with the pipework
Now that's tight work
They say money talk, what you try to say?
Dumb kids I got more Louie's than Kanye
I don't know what type of games you tryna play
But I be getting money, is what I'm tryna say

[Hook] (x2)