Meek Mill

Letra de Migo Dreams (feat Migos)

Letras de Meek Mill

"Migo Dreams (feat Migos)"

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Started with a dollar and dream
From riding Impala with them things
To driving Ferraris with them wings, nigga
Young rich niggas, Migo, Meek Milly

[Verse 1: Meek Mill & (Quavo)]
Slide in the pussy like a surfboard
Killing these niggas get a hearse for 'em
Fuck you niggas even sellin work for
You next to tell put your chirp on
Be the main reason pussy niggas gettin' murked for
Little nigga, who you work for?
Cause I came for the bosses I ain't for no losses
You playin', it's dirt for 'em
And I came from the first floor
Gangbanging hoes like a turf war
Then hit the road for my first tour
My level went up to the third floor
And I swerved on these hating niggas
MIA with some Haitian niggas
Bad bitches keep takin' pictures
I pulled up in that Wraith nigga like whoa!
(Let me talk, Meek Mill)

[Hook: Quavo]
I bet you didn't know that my niggas make millions (bet you didn't know)
It's sad to say some of my niggas convicted to prison (sad to say)
When you at the top you don't want to look down, you don't want to look down
In a submarine underwater, you don't know how I'm feeling right now

[Verse 2: Quavo]
All of my life, I only wanted nothing but Franklin
Touchdown on a fuck nigga
Make him tuck in his shell like he Franklin
You and my niggas are not the same
I jumped out the Lamb' like Bruce Wayne
The ten-piece of chicken is on the way
I told 'em Carlito to andale
You see them new niggas in the back of the club
Just look at them plottin' in conversations
I know they don't know!
I sent the Migos to come back to the bando for translation
(On) camera like Quavo Spike Lee
Heroin black, look like Willie B
If you do the coke, you gon' buy some skis
If you in our trap, you gon' buy some ki's


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
Young Takeoff, I am a professional
Vegetarian, only eat vegetables
I got some kush you can roll up
And I got some kush you can eat that is edible
Stretching the work like I'm Mr. Incredible
You ain't never seen no work as flexible
And I turn on the stove, and I'm whipping the brick
For that pay my, nigga turn to Predator

[Verse 4: Offset]
I bet you didn't know I was twenty-two
Win the judge ten times, what a miracle
Me and my son identical, seventeen years old
I had him I didn't know what to do
I had to put food on the plate!
Asking the Lord, "give a nigga some faith"
Now when I wake up I look at my label
My foot on the pedal not touching the brake
No chess but, nigga, I got me a check!