Meek Mill

Letra de Hundreds (I Had a Dream) (feat Young Thug)

Letras de Meek Mill

"Hundreds (I Had a Dream) (feat Young Thug)"

[Produced by Metro Boomin]

[Hook: Young Thug]
I spent a hundred on my fit and it’s by Hundreds
I’ll do whatever for them hundreds, only hundreds
I spend them racks on my homies, but they want hundreds
I bangin' blood but all my hundreds, they blue hundreds
Keep it one thousand, I’m one thousand, I’m ten hundreds
Run hundreds extremely up and still don’t act funny
I’m a dream chaser, I’m chasin' nothin' else but money
I’m a dream chaser and I had a dream 'bout money

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I bought that brand new Rayful Edmond then I went and saw my bitch
And she said that make her pussy wet well girl come ride this dick
I’m the type to fuck yo ho, I won’t even lock her in
Let you fuck a nigga good, I don’t call her, I call her friend
I got it in by the 20, by the 10 I done been
Out in Paris with my niggas, bought some bottles, I'mma spend
Cause they go hard for me
Got niggas on [?] spendin' that hard money
And I know, shit, all my niggas 1 hundo
They was down when the money used to come slow
North side, south side, niggas cutthroat
Wrong time, outside, at yo front door
Fuck hoes, getting money, we don’t love those
You ain’t come for the money, what’d you come for?
Got a 7th in the Sprite, but I want mo
500 for the car, ho, hold up, hold up


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
I’m a project breakin' on PJ
And my PJ came out of PJ
Bitch she wanna suck me up, that’s a survey
Me, Milly, and yo bitch, that’s a threeway
Roll it up, don’t smoke it, this persie
Run into my boys don’t persuade
Every time a nigga leave out the house got bands on me and I’m feelin myself like a nursery
Hickery, dickery, dock
I ride my Benzo to the stars
You better watch whoever mob
But any man take no mo
I got these bitches in a jar
I keep me some racks in a jar
I pull up not here, I’m fresh as a casket
Came from the dirt like a [?]
Only got choppas and I buy rounds by the hundreds
Choppa will make a nigga learn, call it phonics
Actin' like Arthur DW, boy you done with
I take a nap and I give a rack cause I’m dumb rich

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