Meek Mill

Letra de All For Love (feat Spade-O)

Letras de Meek Mill

"All For Love (feat Spade-O)"

Intro: Meek Mill]
Man, fuck all these niggas

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I used to have bad luck
Now you might see me in the land truck
Whole clique, full of real niggas that'll stand up
When you see them hammers out
Nigga put yo hands up
Matter fact put yo hands down nigga man up
Take this headshot, hit yo homie that's a and1
Shoot 'em, that's for rockin' out with shooters down til the van come
Feds tapped my I-Phone
Metro, and my Samsung
Block numbers callin' me and I don't know if to answer
Coke money comin' in, Rap money comin' too
I just bought a mulsanne
Shitted on them , number 2
Homie that's your boo-thang, my niggas we be runnin through
We pass her round like hot potato, Melly hit I fuck her too
Hammer dat, AK wit' a 50 I banana dat
Lifes got it's up and downs sorta like a camel back
If it's beef, I don't say a word my niggas handle that
Put 50 on Miami it won't even turn the channel back
Woah nigga, Die slow nigga
You got booked with 10 birds and you home nigga
I think you told nigga, you get exposed nigga
I easy pass up in yo bitch you paid a toll nigga
I drop, back on that paper ain't got no racks for these haters
My niggas trap in the field, silver and black like the raiders
This hatin' shit like a virus, niggas be catchin' them vapors
I spend a mil on my crib, barely be catchin' my neighbors
Cause I don't never be there, Northside i'm heavily there
Prolly be up in the hills, wit a bitch named Beverly there
I had a dream I got murdered I think the devil was there
Then woke up fingers on triggers [?]

[Verse 2: Spade-O]
You think of me, you think of a problem
Who, what, where, and how the fuck yo family gone pay for yo coffin
Hey main man we way pass the friend stage
Nigga left engaged, I hit you in yo face with a ten gauge
I'm from where it is, Nigga you from where the cash was
I bust a nigga head, And make him show me where the cash was
After us there should be no more
If it was so much love it would be no war
If they all were good girls, There would be no whores
And how much fun would that be, They're all gunnin at me
And no false alarms, So when I call to arms
All my niggas get wound tight like big balls of yarn
It's on, Drastic timing, Drastic living
I mean I feel an itch, I make rash decisions
I'm a street mathematician, I blew from a 62
You wouldn't believe the type things that white shit will do
From acer with the gap in his teeth
Ace of spade half a mill worth of crap on the streets
Started rappin' on beats, and pushin' rhymes like weight
Homie go and get yours, I got mines I'm straight
Spent most of my teenage years on a crate
5 dollars at a time in pursuit of Bill Gates
Wait, I'm a nigga you gotta see tho
I'm sum'n like a mix between Debo and Tim Tebow
My steelo I bogard like Humphry
The rims on the Benz make that bitch look Comfy
Chump me, I dare a nigga try and pump me
The 4 pound a ground any niggas tryna jump me
Get goofy my trigger finger get loosey
Goosey shit I got blood on my gucci's
Oh well I go and get a new pair
This ain't the same ole shit
This is sum'n new here
Yeah it's no fear, Cause when I was serving time
They was rappin' bout sellin' bricks, and they were servin' dimes
It's fine, I move better in the dark
So when a nickel bag get sold in the park
Nigga I want in, 8's and 9's like I won him
But if them hoes ain't dimes shit I don't want them
I'm like a gem or like a diamond in the rough
The audemar is pristine no diamonds in the cuff

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Spade-O song with Meek Mill from his mixtape Unchained hosted by DJ Drama and Cosmic Kev. Both rappers from Philly on this track.

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