Meek Mill

Letra de Tony Story Pt. 2

Letras de Meek Mill

"Tony Story Pt. 2"

This is the life [x2]
This is the life [x2]

Tony killed his own man Ty for a whole brick
Lined him all up and gave him a whole clip
Said he wasn't eating he wanted his own shit
And not to mention Ty was fuckin his old bitch
But Ty wasn't a shooter that nigga just sold bricks
And Tony was reckless he neva had no pick
Tony was like the Alpo Ty was the Lil Rich
Two niggas with a dream that plotted on growin rich
Started as a team but Ty he got on quick
Jealously da reason that Ty got left all stiff
Got Tony at da viewin Ty mom cryin to em
He hug her, tell her whoever did this he gon do em
From there it was a silence, she ain't condone violence
But they killed her only son so when he said it she just nodded
And he told her dat eh got her, grimmey at his best
Like Tony had a cold you feel it's slimey in his chest
Yes he had da nerve to carry da casket
Strapped up before he went he had to carry his ratchet
He nervous walkin like he tryna carry him faster
Nigga even grabbed da shovel tryna bury his faster
Next week he at the mall
Roley on his arm
Two bad bitches with him laughin havin a ball
Seen Ty cousin Paul, Paul could'nt believe it
Same nigga asked him for a front last weekend
Walkin round da mall Louie on bags Neiman
With the gold diggin bitches Lil Kee and bad Trina
He dap Tony up
Tryna cap Tony up
In his head thinkin "How we gon clap Tony up"?
But Tony ain't worried cause eh strapped Tony up
7 days of runnin he already turned it up
He got Paulie burnin up, he ready 2 ride
He know Tony a killa but he ready 2 die
Ahhhhhh smell the death all in the air
Paulie thinkin bout puttin a check all on his head
But he can't, cause Tony he done killed his 1st cousin
If he let somebody else do it, it won't mean nothin
He wanna see him bleedin, he wanna see him gaspin
Wanna watch him die slow like he sufferin from cancer
He feel that Tony did it but he don't really know da answer
So he gon let it burn
Until he get confirmed
Couple months fly by, Tony on the highrise
Started flippin, now he got dem chickens in like popeye
Paulie still gettin it, always been a top guy
He ain't really club, but tonight he gon stop by
Seen Lil Kee an dem, it was 2 or 3 of dem
Standin in da line he said I'm a pay for me n dem
Pulled da money out started countin it and teasin em
U know Kee gold diggin ass wanna b with him
Slid up need a club told da waiter give me 3 of dem
Bottles of da spade, now Kee just wanna leave with him
He said where yo phone at
She said where u goin at
He said I'm a slide out
She said I'm a ride out
Told her friends I'll call ya'll tomarrow when I get to my mom house
The got right up outta there, took her to his side house
Soon as they got in the crib, she just blew his mind out
Wasted off them bottles Paulie bought she on the nod out
But Paulie he ain't goin to sleep
Grab her phone up off da sheets
Took it to the livin room, Her messages he goin thru
Scroll up to Tony name, he text her "what u doin boo? "
She text him back I'm n da crib, he text her back "U comin thru? "
She text "Where I'm comin too? "
He text bacc "1022"
Woodstock and North Philly, take da e-way to da zoo
She said dat I'm comin now
Look at what Paulie found
Got da drop on where Tony livin at it's goin down
Couple weeks later Paulie on woodstock
Sittin is da mini van, tinted with his hood cocked
Tony just rolled up, Paulie got the good drop
44 in his hand bout to make da hood rock
Tony slippin, paulie all dippin
Walk up on his car like "What's poppin lil nigga"
Tony lookin shocked
His glock was n his box
So he could'ntgrab for it
Paul said "Dats ya ass boy"
He said "U still need dat work dat u asked for? "
Dropped it all on his lap it was 4 n a half raw
Tony he lookin crazy he know dis his last straw
Den Paulie just let it go put his brains on da dashboard