Jazmine Sullivan

Letra de Call Me Guilty

Letras de Jazmine Sullivan

"Call Me Guilty"

[Jazmine:] Mom
[Mom:] What's the matter Jaz?
[Jazmine:] He did it again. He hit me.
[Mom:] He did what? Calm down ok. Calm down.
[Jazmine:] I'm a kill him
[Mom:] Listen to me
[Jazmine:] I'm a kill him. I know I'm a kill him.
[Mom:] Listen to me. Get your stuff and come home.
[Jazmine:] I can't come home. I'm a kill him. I'm a do it.

I'm sitting contemplating
Is it worth it, should I take it
Take that shot and change my life
Get that glock and take his life
Hospitals and bloody noses
This would end all, I suppose
That I could leave. Knowing I can't leave
So it's either him or me
Cause hes gon' kill me if I stay I know
Hes gon' kill me, he can't change I know
From the first time that he did it
Made a promise that he'd quit it
It's gotten so much worse
Don't wanna end up in a hearse
I guess I gotta do it first
Guess I gotta do it first

I cant go back now, back now, I'm runnin'
No where to go cops, I hear them comin'
But if they catch me I still ain't sorry
If that was wrong just call me guilty
Cause if you knew what he did to me
I know I would get your sympathy
So if they catch me I still ain't sorry
Just lock me up and call me guilty

[Verse 2]
I did it, pulled the trigger
It wasn't so hard to figure
Before I did it I said
"This was for all the blood I shed"
For all the women who've gone through this shit
Can't think of what to do (this shit)
Done tore em up inside and out
Whose still trynna get out
He's gon' kill you if you stay I know
I've been through this so yes I know
I know he promised that he'd quit it
If you believe him, girl forget it (shit)
You know I'm right
Don't wanna see him take your life
And it will only just get worse
That's why I had to do it first


[Verse 3]
There's so much blood
I grab my stuff
But before I could leave
The cops busted in
"You have the right to remain silent"
No, I have the right to stay alive
But guess what, I'd do it again
He woulda killed me
Before I killed him
It woulda been him up in this building
It woulda been him faking tears
But what's funny is that I'm the one standing here