James Brown

Letra de I Got To Move (Previously Unre

Letras de James Brown

"I Got To Move (Previously Unre"

Clap your hands, stomp your feet, swing on the vine in the Jungle Brother, check out your mind

Uhh, lookie here, ha
There was a day, ha
There was a time, ha
When I used to dance, ha
There was a time, ha
When I used to prance

But dig me now, baby, ha
Don't worry bout later
Dig the dance I used to do
They call the mashed potatos, hey

Uhh, ha, uhh
There was a dance
Now dig this, ha
There was a dance, ha
They call the jerk
Everybody relax
And watch me work, oww

Ha, in my home town
Where I used to stay
The name of the place, ha
Is Augusta, GA

Down there
We have a good time
We don't talk, ha
We all get together
Any type of weather
Then we do the camel walk, oww

Lookie here, dig this
Now there was a dance
That I used to do
The name of the dance, ha
They call the boogaloo

I may not do the dance
As well as you, ha
But baby, you can
Bet your bottom dollar
You'll never hear me holler
I'll do the best
That I can do, oh

Uhh, lookie here, feeling good
There was a time
Sometime I danced
Lookie here
Sometimes I danced
Sometimes I clown
But you can bet you
Haven't seen nothing yet
Until you've seen me do
The James Brown, ow