Al Green

Letra de Back Up Train

Letras de Al Green

"Back Up Train"

Back up the train
(Back up, train)
Turn it around
(Turn around)

I`ve got to take my baby
(Got to take my baby)
Oh, wherever I`m bound

I`m a lonely man
Just a lonely man
Need a helping hand
Yeah, yeah

Back up the train
(Back up, train)
Ease the pain
(Ease the pain)
Take me to my baby
(Take me to my baby)

I`m going insane
So, mister conductor
(Turn this train around)
All you gotta do now
(Turn this train around) ohh

Music in my hand
I`m a lonely man
Need a helding hand

So back this train up
That all you gotta do now

I`ll never forget the
Girl I left behind
Her tears, her kiss
Her face stay on my mind

I got to make her say
That she`ll forgive me
I gotta get back, so, ohh

Baby, baby, baby, baby
I need, I need your
Loving right now, darling