Pouya Pourjalil

Letra de Mfg (feat. Ramirez)

Letras de Pouya Pourjalil

"Mfg (feat. Ramirez)"

[Verse 1: Pouya]

I stunt to myself and it worked out
Middle finger to you rappers in the dirt now
Stop callin ma phone, i dont wanna get booked
Sheryl should've put the pussy out from the jump
These ghetto type rappers needa let go
Can't even match the mans tempo, nontheless the style
Got her sweating out the pussy, got her looking like she ran a mile
100 miles for a hoe to get dick, white trash from conneticut
She even let everyone in the spinner hit
Gotta hope that the condom on my dick don't slip
Pull up with a Glock and a flock, ready to pop off for nothin'
The old man be working, the young man be stuntin'
Get from my face i don't want a discussion
I already know that my music disgustin'

[Verse 2: Ramirez]

Fall in love with the pussy, man you got the game fucked up
Every bitch in this world just another slut
Get my dick sucked and kick 'em out the door
Cold hearted ramirez, i'll never love a fucking hoe
G-5-9 till the day i fucking die, suicidal thoughts runnin' inside of my fucking mind
Membrane lobe on the cocaine, swervin' in another motherfucking six lane
Hold up..
Bitch i be pimpin', i'm fucking these women
I'm modocking hoes in the back of the building
I feel like a villian, i twist and then smoke the prescription
There's no competition, ya feel me?
Bitch i'm a god damn pimp, no love for a hoe when i look for a trick, the game is too thick
I soft it up quick, when i say it's all over, you better believe that shit