Pharrell Williams

Letra de When Skateboard Came

Letras de Pharrell Williams

"When Skateboard Came"

When Lil' Skateboard came
With them big ass chains
Them bitches like "P, why you got that on?"
I'm like "Bitch stay in your lane
And give a nigga brain"
Everlast 'till the break of dawn
When I pulled up in that big ass thing
That was white as cocaine
Backpackers thought my mind was gone
But when I pushed the up, u-u-up,up
Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches be like what
Studies show...

Yeah niggas
You hear it right? You hear it?
The Drama man, come on look this my shit
You know what I'm saying?
This is my shit
You know what I'm saying
This is MY shit, MY SHIT niggas, MY SHIT!
Take this shit back
Listen, listen to what's happening right now
Listen to what's happening
Watch this, yo


[Verse 2]
Studies show the eyes get damaged
When you stare into the ultra violet rays like dramatic
Studies show the eyes get damaged
When you stare into the ultra violet rays be like what
Studies show the eyes get damaged
When you stare into the ultra violet rays
And the ears through the glass of my Rover
Sicky that smells like the po-pah-
Pourri provided by my chauffeur
The chains is flooded
The dames they love it
The rock so big I'm amazed, but it's strange they cut it
The belt buckle frames is smothered
Don't look to long, you might get whatted?
Once they scream "What?"
Then they grab the gun by the butt
Squeeze the dick
Once it go click
Open your shit
Nadle back your shit open
The front of your shit got a hole that's smoking
Father forgive me I'm sorry another idiot croaking
"911, what's the emergency?"
Now they rushing that ass to get that surgery
You wanted to have it your way like Burger King
Flame broiled, broil flamed
The royal brain
Is ignoring you lames
Don't make no comparisons, we ain't sort of the same
Look at your wallet, we ain't sort of the same
Your rocks is treated, that ain't sort of the chain
Better go to the back of The Source and order again
Lyrically I'm double XL, I drove you home
The bracelet got a vibe when I'm holding the phone
When I wave, bitches call me rolling stones


[Verse 3]
I overlook the whole city with a nice clear view
You trying to call your bitch that's pretty but she can't hear you
She arguing with my doorman trying to get upstairs
Describing the prototypes to my icy airs
The Ice Creams make all the bitches want to fuck
Plus the black card is something like an armoured truck
Parking lot
See it's an art to hot
You know who's who and who's quiet and who talks alot
See there's money machines and those who spark it not
Those be the type of niggas left in the dark to rot
I park the pop-ular
Then I get new cars
That's protected by rude guards
That'll shoot ya
Alternate your future
Quicker than the Wu-Tang Gutar
Bitches see my face and say "Me gusta"
Mama used to drive a Cougar
But now I drive horses with Italian names
Equipped with a bitch with a nice stallion frame
She half Hatian, call her Jeanvieve and shit
C'est pas c'est, tout n'est like she Clef and shit
She respect my dick
Like it's break-fer-ast
She's insecure, her girl want to get with this
The expressed bliss
Of what I'm blessed with
When I finger fuck the track it caress the gift
If you study my mixtape you'll see what my method is