Pharrell Williams

Letra de Renogotiations

Letras de Pharrell Williams


I don't know man, I mean y'know...
Y'know, your boy's in a good place
I mean, fuckin' Icecream is selling out in the stores
You know what I'm sayin? We in Barneys and the boutiques all around the world as well
Store just opened up in Tokyo
Billionaire Boys Club's selling out around the world
Like it's, it's... The look is crazy!

I just renegotiated my contract with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs
I just flew over from Paris
Got your boy looking incredible, I mean they renegotiated with me man
Like, my contract is crazy! Like, it's more money!
And they doin' wild shit, like throwing me parties and shit
Come on it's Louis Vuitton man... Louis Vuitton
Making me chinchilla coats for like gifts and shit
I mean, dog listen what I'm saying to you
Who do we know? Like who do we know
Who will we ever meet
That would be able to create your own diamond cut
Two of em at that! I got two!
That Louis Vuitton trademark on my name
It's crazy! It's unheard of

I'm in such a wonderful place man
That Miami getaway is so lavish
It's so... More-ish
Ha ha ha ha
It's so... Spacious
Ha ha ha ha

I love my fuckin' fans man, y'all fuck with me
Like, y'know what I mean?
I know I take y'all motherfuckers on a rollercoaster man but trust me man...
My new name is Leonardo P
Ha ha ha ha ha ha