Pharrell Williams

Letra de Models In The Hood

Letras de Pharrell Williams

"Models In The Hood"

KK: Oh, you want me to stick my tits out?
OK, fine! let's do it Pharrell!

PW: Tell 'em what your name is

KK: My name is KK

PW: What's KK?

KK: Karolína Kurková...

PW: You like my music?

KK: I love your music

PW: You like my cars?

KK: ...You don't have any car

PW: Yes I do...

KK: Which one?

PW: A few of 'em

KK: Oh really, like?

PW: Them big shits, them big expensive shits
You like riding in the back of Phantoms?

KK: It's too fancy

PW: No, come on!

KK: It's too fancy Pharrell, I'm an easy girl, I'm like from the hood, you know what I mean?

PW: Yeah, and what else do you like?

KK: Pussy...

PW: A ha ha ha ha

KK: You love when I say "pussy", I don't know why guys like it when I say "pussy"

PW: Why? You say it so well

KK: I know, it's "pussy"

PW: Yeah?

KK: It's dirty though, we shouldn't be saying that

PW: Okay
Ha ha ha ha

KK: Pharrell this isn't funny! I shouldn't be saying that

PW: It's perfect!

KK: I'm a lady, I'm a lady I'm a supermodel KK
Supermodels don't say things like that, you know what I mean?
So I shouldn't be saying things like that

PW: Yessirrrr...