Letra de Live To Tell

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"Live To Tell"

Live to tellmadonnawritten by madonna and pat leonardtrack 4, time: 5:45-------------------------i have a tale to tellsometimes it gets so hard to hide it welli was not ready for the falltoo blind to see the writing on the wallchorus:a man can tell a thousand liesi've learned my lesson wellhope i live to tellthe secret i have learned, 'till thenit will burn inside of mei know where beauty livesi've seen it once, i know the warm she givesthe light that you could never seeit shines inside, you can't take that from me(chorus)2nd chorus:the truth is never far behindyou kept it hidden wellif i live to tellthe secret i knew thenwill i ever have the chance againif i ran away, i'd never have the strengthto go very farhow would they hear the beating of my heartwill it grow coldthe secret that i hide, will i grow oldhow will they hearwhen will they learnhow will they know(chorus)(2nd chorus)---------------------------------------------