Gloria Estefan

Letra de Dangerous Game

Letras de Gloria Estefan

"Dangerous Game"

I know I let you in 
I let down my defenses momentarily
At this moment of my life to be surprised
With feelings I can never satisfy

The words you wrote would free
My carefully protected vulnerability
Doesn't matter that we both wear a disguise
We can read the truth between the lines

Dangerous game
Who's spared when it's over tomorrow
I'd be a fool to keep this alive
When I know this can't go anywhere

You know you let me in
You lost your self-control to curiosity
Took the bait, I should have never lit the spark
Answering your questions in the dark


Who's the one to blame when things begin to fall apart
Never mind I should have known much better than to even start
How'd you make it over all the walls I built so high
Believing all you had to do was try