Gloria Estefan

Letra de Seal our fate

Letras de Gloria Estefan

"Seal our fate"

They say it's never too late and though that might be the case sometimes
 The sad truth of it is opportunity won't knock twice
 You can put off until tomorrow but tomorrow might never come
 Gotta think about the future 'cause today soon will be long gone
 Where will you be a few years down the line,
 Will it be everything you've dreamed of
 It's always harder to do what is right
 Sometimes one bad decision can mess up your life
 We seal our fate with the choices we make
 But don't give a second thought to the chances we take
 Could come up anytime better be wide awake 'cause we
 Seal our fate with the choices we make
 Seal our fate, seal our fate, seal our fate, seal out fate with the choices we make
 (verse 2)
 Surely, you say, it's not as bad as you make it sound
 If we make a mistake you can always turn it back around
 Get back on the straight and narrow when I'm through having all my fun,
 After all it's my decision, I'm not really hurting anyone
 Before you know it's gotten way out of hand
 In ways that you had never dreamed of
 Never worth the price you pay in the end
 Instead of being ahead you're starting over again