Letra de Twisted Girl

Letras de Anastacia

"Twisted Girl"

Yeah, twisted girl
Innocent cloud
Oh, you better slow down
I said what comes around goes around
You're not sex in the city with your Jimmy Choo's on
Or the life of the party when you're in before dawn
Oh, innocent cloud

Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down
Ready or not, give it all that you've got
It's a twisted world we live in
I know what it's like, when you're tangled in life
Untwist this world, you twisted girl

Oh, you better beware
Oh, and handle with care
Don't feed the dragon, with your lies, ha
Don't be a bitch politician with your crispy cream smile
Oh, or a second-hand diva living in denial
Oh, innocent cloud

Break it down, break it down, break it down


In a land, make believe
Look what you've become
Taste a sip of pleasure
It's hidden on your tongue
Sell your soul, pay the price
Wipe the clouds from your eyes

Oh, you're a twisted girl
I know what it's like, when you're tangled in life
Oh, untwist this world
You twisted girl


Huh, you're a twisted girl
I said innocent cloud
You're a twisted girl