Robbie Williams

Letra de Ghosts

Letras de Robbie Williams


Here I stand victorious 
the only man who made you come 
When you cried 
you cried for us 
and when we died you died alone 
gravity's calling 
don't go home 
where are we? 

Did what I could 
for one of us 
I always thought it was for you 
and when I lied 
oh, I lied for us 
because you never heard the truth 
I am lying alone tonight 
don't go home 
where are we? 

If we are ghosts 
(a long, long time ago) 
It looks like we could have made it better 
We are ghosts 
(long, long time) 
me and you 
We are ghosts 
(long, long time ago) 
we could have made it 
We are ghosts 
(long, long time...) 
me and you 

Look at the time it's taken me 
to get away from what was said 
I'll never leave 
I'll always love 
you know that all those words are dead 
bearing it yours tonight 
move aside 
I'm taking you home 

On the radio 
she was that summer song 
Packing them in 
making them dance 
a lot of the roam 
taking the time 
to sing it 
I don't need you 
but I'm lost 
lost without you tonight 
have you no heart 
where are we? 

a long life ghost 
we are forced 
they're taking down our sattelite 
we are chosen things 
I'll follow your star tonight 
(We are ghosts) 
if not tonight 
then when will she say 
we're not ghosts