Gwen Stefani

Letra de Harajuku Girls

Letras de Gwen Stefani

"Harajuku Girls"

There's me, there's you (hoko-ten)
In a pedestrian paradise 
Where the catwalk got its claws (meow) 
A subculture, in a kaleidoscope of fashion 
Prowl the streets of Harajuku (irasshaimase)

Super lovers, tell me where you got yours 
(At the super lovers store)
Yochi Yamamoto 
I'm hanging with the locals

Where the catwalk got its claws 
All you fashion know-it-alls 
With your underground malls 
In the world of Harajuku 
Putting on a show, when you dress up in your clothes 
Wild hair color and cell phones 
Your accessories are dead on

[chorus 2x]
Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style 
I like the way that you are 
I am your biggest fan, oh

Harajuku girls 
I'm looking at you girls 
You're so original girls 
You got the look that makes you stand out 
Juku girls, I'm looking at you girls 
You mix and match it girls 
You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato)

I'm fascinated by the Japanese fashion scene 
Just an American girl in the Tokyo streets 
My boyfriend bought me a Hysteric Glamour shirt 
They're hard to find in the States, got me feeling couture

What's that you got on
Is it Comme Des Garcons 
A Vivienne Westwood can't go wrong 
Mixed up with second-hand clothes 
(Let's not forget about John Galliano, no)
Flip the landscape when Nigo made A Bathing Ape
I've got expensive taste (oh well)
Guess I'd better save up (cho takai)

[chorus 2x]

Work it, express it 
Live it, command your style 
Create it, design it 
Now let me see you work it [repeat]

You bring style and color all around the world (you harajuku girls) 
You bring style and color all around the world (you harajuku girls)

Your look is so distinctive, like DNA 
Like nothing I've ever seen in the USA 
Your underground culture, visual grammar 
The language of your clothing, is something to encounter 
A ping-pong match between eastern and western 
Did you see your inspiration in my latest collection
Just wait til you get your little hands on L.A.M.B. 
Cause it's (super kawaii), that means (super cute in Japanese) 
The streets of Harajuku are your catwalk 
Bishoujo, you're so vogue
That's what you drop

Cho saikou, Harajuku girls 
(And that's what you drop, and that's what you drop) 
Cho saikou, Harajuku girls

Harajuku girls [chorus in background]
Harajuku girls

Style detached from content 
A fatal attraction to cuteness 
Style is style 
Fashion is fashion 
Girl, you got style