Letra de Body Parts (Recorded Live In Japan, 1992)

Letras de Sodom

"Body Parts (Recorded Live In Japan, 1992)"

Business of false doctrine 
Nothing is impossible 
Wonders of technology 
We got plastic surgery 

Organ trading is of use 
Unavoidable the abuse 
Need some lungs and need some hearts 
Searching for new body parts 

Body parts 

Bodies damaged after a crash 
Transplanting skin to your flesh 
That's no minor injury 
This is plastic surgery 

Rich and infamous bastard 
You got a chance to survive 
Replacing your diseased parts 
Recover and stay alive 

Body parts 

Life is what you wanna buy 
Unknown victims have to die 
New organs is what you need 
Nothing justified the deed 

Business of false doctrine 
Everything is possible 
Wonders of technology 
Because we got plastic surgery.