Letras de Scorpions

Maybe I Maybe You
Always Somewhere
Send Me an Angel
Still Loving You
Wind of Change
Send Me An Angel
Wind Of Change
Dust in the Wind
Still Loving You
The Zoo
Blood Too Hot
Wind Of Change
Love of My Life
Life Is Too Short
When the smoke is going down
Still loving you
No one like you
Every minute every day
Big City Nights
Under The Same Sun
Someday is How
Here In My Heart
New Generation
Send Me An Angel
Hurricane 2000
As soon as the good times roll
Money And Fame
Virgin Killer
Animal Magnetism
The Zoo
Make It Real
Yellow Raven
I'm Goin' Mad
In Trance
Fly To The Rainbow
I Wanted to Cry But the Tears Wouldn't Come
Hurricane 2001
Robot Man
Drifting Sun
Lonesome Crow
Catch Your Train
China white
I'm leaving you
Lady Starlight
Can't Get Enough
Always Somewhere
Passion rules the game
Rhythm of love
Lust Or Love
Moment Of Glory
Deadly Sting Suite (Instrumental)
Love 'em or Leave 'em
This Time
Lady Starlight
Daddy's Girl
10 Light Years Away
To Be No. 1
Du bist so schmutzig
Eye To Eye
Don't stop at the top
Hit Between The Eyes
Crazy World
Mind Like A Tree
Tease Me Please Me
Another Piece Of Meat
Loving You Sunday Morning
Backstage Queen
In Your Park
Coast To Coast
Big city nights
The same thrill
Don't Make No Promises
Come home
Living And Dying
Hold Me Tight
Crying Days
Leave Me
Life's Like A River
Dark Lady
Longing For Fire
Evening Wind
Sun In My Hand
Fly People Fly
Catch Your Train
This Is My Song
In Search Of The Peace Of Mind
Can't live without you
Falling In Love
Twentieth Century Man
Is There Anybody There
We let it rock...You let it roll
Believe in love
Yellow Butterfly
What U Give U Get Back
To Be With You In Heaven
Don't Believe Her
Deep and Dark
No Pain No Gain
Alien Nation
A Moment In A Million Years


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