Letra de Prisoner Of Paradise From Master Of The Moon

Letras de Dio

"Prisoner Of Paradise From Master Of The Moon"

Bring me down drag me away from heaven
But look out angels guard the door
We all choose pain if pleasure is ordinary
Then we beg for more and more and more
Oh lock me up in an institution and throw away the key
Then I'm free the prisoner of paradise
Take me down I've gone too high so hurry how can this be real
I paid for the ride and got wishes for eternity
And here's one more I wish that you would steal them
Tie me down and don't believe me if I say I'm free
It's still me the prisoner of paradise
Bring me down if I could start all over would I do the same
Oh I'd try for a while then hunger for the recipe
And all I'd hear is isn't it a shame
Oh wrap me up in some chains
And you can push me out to sea
Cover me up with the ocean then I'm free
The prisoner of paradise