Letra de Dying In America

Letras de Dio

"Dying In America"

Once upon a high the streets were gold and blue was in the sky
Riders gone, never could belong, - maybe you still can dream
Sleep through screams while we're dying in America?

Once upon a child the carnival would stop and stay awhile
You were gone, everything went wrong - too soon, cartoon
Dying in America! Dying in America!

In places where aces outnumber the queens
Jack is afraid of tomorrow
Colors are changing to red, white and green
As we all fall down

Once upon a hate they told us they could fix it
If we'd wait for awhile killing you with smiles
Maybe you still can dream, sleep through screams
While we're dying in America! Dying in America!?

"Sex, sex, sex even bigger, even better
Don't lose out, be a winner
Save more, save time and save now
One hundred thirty per cent American people
Would like to be like everyone else..."