Black Sabbath

Letra de I Witness

Letras de Black Sabbath

"I Witness"

Across the desert of the burning dark
Darkness which illuminates you
There's a place you've always wanted to be
Whose pleasures always did escape you
It's always been so out of reach
Nothing so near ever felt so far, uh-ah
And now it's here within your grasp
A never ending burning says it all

As he drive into the darkness
In front the future, behind you - history, oh-o
Caught alone in the dark night
Do ya think that the way it's supposed to be?
Ya don't believe your eyes 'cause all they see is lies, oh yeah

You better run from the holy man
The eyes that will are set upon you
Listen not to verse and prayer
Songs that thrill, our voices tempt you, uh-ah
The inner flame has fear of death
Never has light ever seem so dark
Pilgrims of sabbocrasy
Hear the hounds of heaven as they bark

I witness a time and a place that never dies
Still frozen in time
This darkness the only place that I can hide
I witness a dream