Letra de Don't Leave

Letras de UKiss

"Don't Leave"

Yeah, you see? We got winter again. As we agreed, let’s move on…

The moment you unfolded the coat held on your lap and passed your arms through the sleeves

Your eyes filled up with held back tears

Caught up in a crowd of rushing people, we were the only ones that weren’t moving

Your face strongly pressed into my shoulder

A farewell just like today’s continued to happen, over and over

I always want to hold you tight like this, I don’t want to let you go yet

We should just ignore the train’s departure bell

If we want tomorrow to become a journey, we have to let go of the present

That was the important promise I exchanged with you

Various things happened to us up to now, we learnt many things together

We laughed and cried, good memories, I’m sure that they were all so good

The door closed and in an instant, sighs coloured the windowpane white

As if they were to faintly conceal you

We believed that we could become more special than anything else

Yet we both quietly waved our hands

I wonder why? We got so used to a farewell just like today’s

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye, because we’ll meet again before long

You peered into the scenery that started to move but

The yesterday that we broke away from isn’t there

Because we both chose to go forward

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, I love you even more and more as the seasons keep passing by

Either way, I have to put these emotions into words, so, let’s try to figure this out together

Because we do love each other so strongly and it’s wonderful to still have a dream

Things like being separated even by a little bit is just a winter distance uselessly bestowed upon us

I always wanted to hold you tight like that, I didn’t want to let you go

The train’s departure bell echoed and with a smile

I said “I’m looking forward to the next time we meet” and

you replied with a goodbye while shivering… Winter is waiting