Letra de Southwest

Letras de Trae


You must be out of ya mind, I'm from the south and this the realist
check the resume, and that'll show the world why we the trillest
in that black on black Excursion with the hood facin up
and 24 inches on my shoes the only way I'm lacin up
ABN is what I'm claimin, with a slab that's rearrangin
movin slow cause I be screwed up on the block, then I be bangin
I ain't thinkin about the plex cause we can get it on
four straps and a extra clip can show that they can get it wrong
yeah I'm from the south - where they be trappin, or they grindin
diamonds that got 'em shinin
Trunk stay in the air, showin somethin while they reclinin'
drank up in they cup, but see myself I keep it sober
run up on me wrong, it’s guarantee it's gon'be over
Screwed Up Click soliders, wide frame rollers
with a set of hands to make you look beat up like a nova
Trae gon'stay Tha Truth and that's the way it is
Houston, Texas in the buildin', gangstas gon'be feelin this