Letra de Pushin

Letras de Trae


I got you baby, put your seatbelt on mayn
It's finna be a serious ride, a nigga finna take you know
There's a chance, a nigga might not even make it back
One thang I know fa sho, I'm going down in history for this one
Trae the motherfucking Truth, I'm pushing this bitch
Asshole By Nature

Now they hear everything out here be fucked up, I know I gotta watch what I say
I got a few niggaz still stuck on lockdown, hoping they might come home one day
So I gotta do my best to do what I do, and try to get all the way to the top
Whether I fall or drop shit don't stop, so I refuse to lose what I got
I'ma push my shit like I push a black whip, and homie don't trip I'll be right back
Even if it get rough I'm a G, it'll be ok real niggaz know how to bounce back
Right here for the realest I gotta keep up, ain't nan nigga out here finna see Trae
With the heat I got and the conversation with the mack, gon get niggaz up out the way
I done been at the bottom too long it seem to me, they wanna see me ass'd the fuck out
But I tell em don't hold they breath waiting on me to lose, they ass'll pass the fuck out
Trae is the Truth out here you can tell when I spit, niggaz know what it do out here
Determination on my chest got me in that other shit, so nigga you will get ran through out here
Don't call my bluff I'd rather see you make it, ain't no need to be fucked off
It's too many real niggaz dead, while the scary ass niggaz out here stay ducked off
These niggaz out here be real fraud, they fuck around and get real scarred
And I'm doing 8-5 on the dash, when I'm in my whip I flip real hard

[Hook: x4]
(push), I'm pushing mayn
(push), I'm pushing mayn
(push), I'm pushing mayn
(push), push it to the limit

I got a few G's out here who still need help, so I gotta get em out of this trap
Every chance that I get I'ma try to get em paid, when I get a little money coming back from the rap
And I got lil' niggaz coming up still gangbanging, so I know a nigga still gotta fight
And I gotta do my best to show em this life, so they will last show em what's wrong and what's right
But they got me the voice of the streets, and I hear a few niggaz wanna get a nigga crown
I done been in this bitch a decade, it take a lil' mo' than a lot if you wanna see Trae get down
I done been around with the old heads on the block, in the back of the trap with a brick and a glock
In the middle of the night till the sunlight pop, then they off in the night with they top on drop
To keep from the cops that's how a nigga earn, watch em fuck up that's how a nigga learn
Got sent to the back now they know it's my turn, fuck over Trae your ass'll get burned
I've never been weak I keep shit stern, ain't no folks ever been my concern
I laid down the law you can call me the firm, fake sideways talk get straight like perm
I do everything that I do for the streets, and it been about them never been about me
T-E to the X-A-S O.G., niggaz saying I quit they don't know about me
I'ma push this shit for my lil' brother Jay, my big brother Dinkie and Joe McVey
For my nigga Shot G, Lil' Ro, DJ, I'ma push this shit clean up out the way

[Hook x4]

This how it go down, out here mayn
Trae the Truth, Asshole By motherfucking Nature
Slow Loud And Bangin', Screwed Up motherfucking Click
That's the bidness mayn, yeah