Letra de Its Aight Bitch (Ft. Dallas)

Letras de Trae

"Its Aight Bitch (Ft. Dallas)"

Yeah, (I was gon hold you down)
It's iight bitch, like to welcome y'all out
To the Trae the Truth special right now, it's iight bitch
You know we here to make a few people famous
This time around it's iight bitch, so please pay close attention
You might here your name, it's iight bitch

I prolly wasn't shit to these hoes, just a year ago
Now I'm at the status, I ain't really trying to hear hoe
If I reminisce, these bitches prolly end up getting exposed
And I'll gladly be the first to tell ya, bout these roach ass hoes
And I kept it real with a few of em, time and time
Bottom line if I don't shine, then they subject to move around
But I know these hoes sick, now that I'm finally getting known
Bitch don't even waste your breath, you know I'm riding this alone
Some of you hoes be characters, getting in where you could fit
Now I'm feeling like Snoop, y'all bitches ain't shit
I'd like to give a special shout out, to that bopping bitch Michelle
On a hustle for the dick, and I dont think she plan to fail
I heard she 'pose to getting rich, at the rate she was going roaching for some ends
She went from sucking in a Altima, to fucking in a Benz
Damn I guess she getting it. and I ain't mad at her
But if you get inside my range, I'ma throw an empty can at ya broke bitch

[Hook x2: Dallas]
You just can't, trust a bitch
Hoes try to get you, trapped up and shit
You never know, with a hoe what you can get
So I let em know, and I don't miss these bitches

A hundred grand worth of ice, would have these hoes so crazy
Five cars and a house, will have her planning my baby
These hoes out to get it, like a nigga hitting licks
But the time they don't benefit, they gon quit
So I guess I got em mad at me now, cause they running they mouth
These hoes in last place, knowing they let me run in they mouth
So don't get too comfortable baby, I can give you the blues
So you scandalous trifling hoes, can go on and put on your shoes
Fascinated by shining thangs, and the reputation of stars
And she ain't tripping on me, she'd rather fuck my car
By far, I use to think a lot of hoes was real
Until I seen em fuck a nigga, to get they nails refilled
Now if that ain't the cheapest shit, then won't you tell me what is
What about em fucking with your partna, while you watching your kids
I know a lot of people feel me, from investing they time
But we gon let them bitches know, they out of line I hope you catch some'ing bitch

[Hook x2]

Ha-ha-ha-ha, you oughtta be ashamed of yourself bitch