Letra de Ghetto Life (Ft. Black Buddafly)

Letras de Trae

"Ghetto Life (Ft. Black Buddafly)"

Trae the Truth, Lil' Boss, Black Buddafly yeah
We fin to do this one here for the ghetto, get at me

No matter what a nigga say, I'm gon be stuck in the game
Just like them 26 inch rims, stuck on the frame
I'm in the hood full time, I still kick it the same
And still got a nigga baby mama, giving me brain
I been the Truth since a youth, I fell in love with the streets
Like the body of the slab, fell in love with it's feet
I put the Cheve to the floor, and run it to the concrete
With a bitch in the back, head banging to the beat
Try to run up on a G, I'ma put a nigga to sleep
Plus the heat up under my seat, will make a nigga retreat
I'm a boss, fucking with me I promise you'll never eat
And if you wanna go to war, then I promise you getting beat
They know I been around the world, and brought it back to the hood
Threw a hook of diamonds on, and brought it back to the wood
Niggaz stay in Hollywood, but I stay where I stood
And I'm gathered with them Assholes, up to no good

[Hook: Black Buddafly]
Welcome, to ghetto life (in the ghetto)
Welcome, to ghetto life
Streets are a daily life, (in the ghetto)
Welcome to ghetto, welcome to ghetto life

I hear them niggaz with the truth, so I gaurntee nothing less
I do it for the hood, so it's nothing less than the best
G-code homie, and I'm here to keep it nothing less
And I'm from in the West, where it's nothing less than the best
Ghetto to the end, in a coupe like MJ
23 inches on a Cadillac, how a thug play
And what I'm packing, let em know don't get in a thug way
Any nigga can get it, coming to where I stay
I'm the truth in these streets, sitting in a black home
Front door and full of some'ing, black on some black chrome
I grind full time, till my money stack long
And I told you I was coming back, so it's back on
This here for the hood, and this here for the block
And the homies on the cell block, sitting on lock
Off top, when it come to the ghetto it don't stop
Number one in the hood, they be loving the way I rock


Ain't no need for the discussion, I'm the shit in the South
Any nigga saying different, bout to lose a tooth out his mouth
Niggaz get flossed, I put it on the house
Keep playing with a G, a couple grand'll knock a nigga off
See I'm from the ghetto, where the drop top do's fly
Headed to the sky, with a dub when I fly by
Fo's swang wide, when I slide nigga no lie
Looking so live, heads turn when I roll by

Can you see me now, yeah
We gon keep it hood, 24/7 mayn
But I'm doing this one here, for the ghetto
Welcome to it mayn
I'm bringing this, directly to your face
Trae the Truth