Sean Paul

Letra de Hey Baby

Letras de Sean Paul

"Hey Baby"

Sexy ladies in the place
You know how we do it

Hey baby trinna find what you driving' me crazy
All this other pretty girls don't face me
I'm shy why you makin' me lazy
Hey baby hey baby
Its the way that you back get up to me
Tell me you ain't got a man like too me
Lets stands like you already knew me
Hey baby

[Verse 1]
Soon as I sit up in your room yeah
All as I was on you yeah
You know what I wanna do
Hey baby
Actin' like I never knew
Your looking brand new
All eyes on you
Hey baby
I wanna break you or give bucks
So when the be jumps
You can tell me what you do just maybe
I don't need to came of cops right
We believing tonight
Just us to


[Verse 2]
Aright I got you in the the moon
Lets take a interlude
Tell your friend about get too
Hey baby
Hands moving on your westside
I don't wanna wast time
Tell me that is fine hey baby
Now she's my be the first
Girl don't be the last time you in my soul
Lets twerk it out
No this I sit up in the room
You are sweet
Bur bung bung


Can I see you again-gain-gain
Or tell me when when when