Letra de Yuh

Letras de Pouya



Come correct when you talk to me (Yuh)
Rub my nuts while I whip the lease (Bitch)
Can't be tamed and I'm off the leash (Yuh)
Can't step foot on my property
These underground rappers got their egos to the sky
I should cock back the Eagle and bust out your eye (Bitch)
In the moshpit with the Gucci kicks (Yuh)
She wanna come lay with me, girl, you're ludacris (Yuh)
I kept my mouth shut for a minute, man, it's hard to relax (Bitch)
Monkey dancin' rappers put a tip in their hat (Yeah)
Two thousand dollars just to get a word on a track
I got a bundle for the caddy put the rims on the lack
All black to match the MAC (Bitch)
Me and Ross still gone verse on it back to back (Yuh)
Hoes we ran through in the middle of nowhere
Bars no, but you know the hoes we do share
She think I'm disgusting but who cares? (Yuh)
Bust out the scene, they like, "Who there?"
That's me, lil' ho, deep in your hole
Beat on the low for the most
Gettin' money in my coast
Gotta keep the MAC tucked by the coat
I ain't selling no bars, you can't even get a quote
Dick be the antidote for you rappers with my name in your throat
I do it for my people
I do it for them boys that got stuck on that needle (Bitch)
Doin' drugs in a tub full of lean (Yuh)
Don't get no love from my family (No)
.357 be the remedy, my mind is the enemy (Ayy, ayy, blah)
More money, more people wanna be a friend of me (Bitch)
Bitch can't even get in front of me (Bitch)
I got a front man that would never dare front on me, yuh