Letra de Prime

Letras de Pouya


Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ay, yeah, yeah
I'm Optimus in his prime
Stick on me like I'm blind
Snapchattin on some bitches gotta see if they fly
Enough to be with us, bust a nut on every slut I come across
That's your girlfriend? She getting Randy Moss'd
To the lonely homie playing on that Sony Playstation
Need me a vacation, been feeling kinda famous, let's face it
.44 by the waistline if somebody wanna play me
'Case somebody wanna
I'm writing lyrics in my desolate room
Wondering what would of happened
If I would've stayed in school
Probably end up just like you
Sitting on the couch watching television
Wishing you was one of the motherfuckers on the television
Get up off your ass and go and get you somethin'
I see you talking 'bout it but you don't do nothin'
I see you looking at me wanna get involved
I can almost guarantee that you would take a loss