Letra de But Wait, There's More (feat. $uicideBoy$)

Letras de Pouya

"But Wait, There's More (feat. $uicideBoy$)"

Intro: Pouya]
Yuh (Ayy), yuh, yuh

[Verse 1: Pouya]
I pay my hoes, my bills, my homage
I never been to college
I sever the head of rappers
I pack the MAC-11 to send you to another dimension
Not to mention, I pop the Smith & Wesson with no second guessin'
Your bitch get to steppin'
Once I get it in, get wet, get out
Don't want to hear a word out of your mouth
What's up with that pussy? Don't doubt me
I can make it squirt while I skrrt in the Audi
Bitch, I'm outie after that, oddy's after that
Touch your Instagram, put you on the map
Don't discriminate, fuck a handicap, no legs
Fuck that, where your titties at, bitch?

[Verse 2: Yung Plague]
Ba-Ba-Back in the Golden Days, I was glowin' rays
Now I'm soaked in grey from all these fuckin' growin' pains
Keep on throwin' shade, you'll meet the fuckin' Shogun's blade
I'm stealing trophies out your trophy case
Fuck the cards I was dealt
I got a poker face to steal an open base, ho
Fuck an older age though
If life's a book, rip out the last page and roll up a J Lo
Bitch, I'm Yung Plague, no way I'ma grow fangs
Rip out your throat, ain't sayin' anything out that hole, mane

[Verse 3: Yung $carecrow]
Hundred pills bottles on my motherfuckin' dresser, mane
Couple lil' models all up in my Twitter mentions, mane
I'm the mane that'll make a stain out of your fuckin' brain
Smokin' strains off some strange grain that I can't explain
Fuck the fame, fuck these fuckin' lames, that's why I isolate
Can't relate to none of you motherfuckers
Keep me in my grave, hold up, wait
Duckin' in the shade, shooting up the H
Stuck at Hell's gates with Yung Plague
And I'm draped in grey