Letra de When Will I See You

Letras de Pouya

"When Will I See You"

I stay around her
When will I see you?
Stay down
When will I see you?
MTM, hit 'em with the heat!
When will I see you?

I'm so sick of reminiscing, all my homies missing
I hear myself talk and I feel like no one listens
I feel alone again, I'm back in my hole again
I wanna feel whole again, emotions holding in
System overloading, overflowing
Feel like I'm drowning in sorrows today
Can I catch my breath?
I was never no threat to myself when I was younger
But now that I'm older, my days get colder, my reign is over
None of my friends are sober
None of my friends come over
Feel like a loner, feel like I'm stuck in a corner, yeah
I can empathize with the loss of lives
I just pray to god they don't multiply
Murder, overdose, and suicide
Am I the next one to die?
Will I fly with Peep or fry?
X is written up in the sky

When will I see you?